Stanley Park Coyotes Team Sticker (3 Pack)

Stanley Park Coyotes Team Sticker (3 Pack)

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At dusk, they come out to hunt.

To a Stanley Park coyote, a half eaten White Spot burger waiting next to each paw is a balanced diet. Inspiring.

In Stanley Park, the coyotes roam,
Their wildness makes this place their home.
But beware, for they can attack,
With sharp teeth and a vicious knack.

They prowl the forest in the night,
Their eerie howls, a chilling sight.
Unseen and silent, they draw near,
Their prey unaware, consumed by fear.

So keep your wits about you here,
And never let your guard down, dear.
For in this wild and wondrous park,
The coyotes rule, fierce and stark.

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Size: 3.75 x 1.75"

3 Stickers per pack
Durable weatherproof vinyl
100% UV protective matte finish

Perfect for outdoor or indoor use.

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