Coal Harbour Cougars Logo Sticker (3 Pack)

Coal Harbour Cougars Logo Sticker Sticker (3 Pack)

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At dusk, they come out to hunt.

Silent in the shadows,
The predator stalks its prey,
Eyes aglow with hunger,
It's hunting time today.

With stealth and grace,
It moves through the night,
A silent predator,
With deadly might.

The wind whispers secrets,
Guiding it to its meal,
The prey unaware,
An unsuspecting deal.

With one swift leap,
The hunter strikes its prey,
The kill is quick,
The hunt is done today.

The predator must always hunt,
For survival is the key,
To live another day,
Wild, untamed and free.

So let the predator hunt,
For it is the natural way,
The circle of life,
Will forever stay.

Sticker On Macbook Mockup Image
Size: 3 x 3"

3 Stickers per pack
Durable weatherproof vinyl
100% UV protective matte finish

Perfect for outdoor or indoor use.

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